About Us

About Family Fruit

Family Fruit Hylan has been a family-owned and operated produce market and catering service for over 30 years. Serving our clients across Staten Island, NY and nearby areas, we are a full-service grocery store offering an assortment of meat, produce and deli items.

Over the years, we have created a stellar reputation among our clients for having the finest and freshest produce in the island. Our loyal customers come to us for our authenticity and hygienic, neat atmosphere. The backbone of our business has been our characteristic produce department.

The Freshest Produce from All Over the World

All of our produce is delivered fresh daily, enabling us to deliver the finest at the most competitive prices throughout the year. We stock a huge variety produce, ranging from plum tomatoes to locally grown corn, and from exotic strawberry tomatoes to Italian muscatel grapes. Our relentless mission is to fulfill the produce market needs of each and every one of our customers.